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Grille Guards & Bull Bars

For you all driving a custom pickup, Jeep, or off-road vehicle, we know how important protecting the front end of your vehicle is. Whether you're hitting the back roads, on a job-site for work, or just cruising, it's good to know that you can count on that extra protection in the front that you get from a custom fit grille guard.


The grille guard is a wonderful addition to the front end of any truck, jeep, 4x4, or off-road vehicle. It adds great protection for the grille, bumper, paint, lights, radiator, etc.

They are also an excellent barrier if you should happen to bump into something like another vehicle, a tree, telephone pole, and mail box. They do wonders at absorbing the impact of such collisions.

Adding a grille guard to your vehicle is that they are made to look good, and to look strong. Typically made of formed tube steel, you will find them in black, chrome, and stainless finishes, and most custom designed to fit YOUR vehicle. No more extensive cutting, torching, and welding, but a true, easy to install, fit. You can pick from one piece, modular pieces, and even headlight guards - so that you can pretty much design and cover what you want to.


Ranch Hand Grille Guards & Bumper Replacements

Ranch Hand's Grille Guards and Bumper Replacement are the most popular heavy-duty grille guard on the market today. Ranch Hand grille guards give your truck or SUV that customized look while providing you excellent front end protection. Standard features include a black powder coat finish for superior corrosion resistance, custom punch plate grille insert designed to match your vehicles' billet grille, wrap around loop design, support loops, and frame mounting.


A bull bar is made from tubular steel or aluminum and usually mounts under the front bumper to the frame and turns up in front of the bumper for added protection and style. Most bull bars have a steel skid plate welded between the tubes. The added protection to the front of your vehicle from a bull bar is a great thing, but the added style is even better.

The bull bar was invented to help protect you and your vehicle from cattle and other large animals (or deer) that sometimes roam (or run right in front of you from nowhere) onto rural roads and highways.

These bars are available in chrome, stainless and black finishes for just about every truck and SUV ever made. Most bolt on to the frames where the factory tow hooks are located and create a great place to mount additional lighting or a winch.