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Nerf Bars, Running Boards & Steps

Step right up and discover the best selection of running boards, nerf bars, and other styles of side steps. Nerf bars and running boards are sure to give a boost to tired legs and your vehicle's looks, too. Check out what Bubba's Truck 'n' Trailer has to offer to help you determine which nerf bars or running boards are right for you!

Types of Step Bars

  • Nerf Bars– round tube step the length of the truck cab.
  • Oval Bars- wider step length of the truck cab.
  • Wheel to Wheel – the full length of the pickup cab to the rear wheel.

Nerf Bars

The smooth way to style with stepping security. They the strength of steel with a slip-free pad beneath each seating row. Whether you call them truck nerf bars, nerf step bars or side steps, we've got the right product selection for you.

We have 3" round stainless steel and black powder coated options, so there's a style of nerf bar or side tube that's just right for your tastes. And, all of our side steps are built specific to your vehicle, we have affordable prices instead of those costly dealership options. What's more, the easy bolt-on installation means no cutting or drilling for most of our nerf bars and side steps.

Materials & Finishes

Nerfs are made of either steel or stainless steel. Finishes are generally black powder coated, chrome or polished stainless steel.


Oval Nerf Bars

Oval nerf bars yield a larger step surface for a more secure and comfortable lift into the truck and a safer exit from the truck. The oval nerf bars have  added step pads to promote extra traction and even more prevention from a slip and fall. Oval nerf bars also tend to bring a more aggressive look to a truck than round nerf bars. The larger size says 'heavy duty' more loudly than a slim set of round nerf bars.

Wheel-to-Wheel Nerf Bars

Wheel-to-Wheel (Full Length) extend from just behind the front wheel well to just before the rear wheel well. Unlike sports bars, these are rarely installed as single item. The main purpose for this type of nerf bar is to allow easier access to the bed of the truck, as well as to help driver and passenger enter and exit the vehicle. These will have a combination of foot pads, usually one or two near the door and a single large on at the bed of the truck, though some will have a pair (or even 3) at the rear of the bar.


Running Boards

There are different materials, lengths, and finishes to choose from here at Bubba's Truck 'n' Trailer.  All offered to ensure you get the solution you need. We carry steel, stainless steel, extruded aluminum, diamond plate aluminum, and molded ABS plastic.  Getting the best fit can mean a couple different things when it comes to running boards.  All side step boards have a nice wide step platform.  A minimum of about 5 inches is to be expected, but some can get as large as 7 inches.

Truck Steps

Carr Truck Steps combine stylish accents with a rugged off-road look. A Uniquely designed diamond tread pattern provides a safe non slip surface on the flat step area. From our super durable Super Hoop Step to our customizable Universal Hitch Step you are bound to find the right quality Truck Accessory for you.

  • Easy installation
  • Durable aluminum alloy
  • Strong construction
  • Non-slip tread pattern
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Available in polished aluminum, black or titanium silver finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA